About Us

Industrial Innovation Group is the leader in the field of ID-documents, IT systems development and implementation, founded in 1991. Our company provides maintenance and service on the basis of its own technological products and integration systems based on 397 objects of intellectual property.  IIG is the architect of a worldwide global project for the production of the first electronic identification and passport documents for the INTERPOL organization and the manufacturer of the first generation e-ID cards and E-Pass for INTERPOL- a complex decision covering all stages of the document production: from the authorized obtainment, safe-keeping, examination of the multibiometric personal data integrated to the graphical and electronic personalization of the highly protected electronic travel document. Now passport is used in more then 190 countries around the globe as the INTERPOL official travel document. IIG has developed and implemented a complex system architecture of the project for the production and simultaneous delivery - to more then 50 countries - of De Beers passports - a document which guarantees the protection against forgery of diamonds, jewelry, and their immediate identification. I can proudly state, that the above have put us on the top of security printing industry.