Smart Factory

We offer various technological automation and robotization solutions which incorporate a technology-driven approach that utilizes Internet-connected machinery to monitor the production process.


Our goal is to:


  • identify opportunities for automating operations and
  • use data analytics to improve manufacturing performance.

We heavily rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) applications and technology - embedding sensors in manufacturing machines to collect data on their operational status and performance. As smart manufacturing becomes more common and more machines are networked through the IoT, they are able to communicate better with each other.


For example, our Smart Factory systems are becoming able to:


  • automatically order more raw materials as the supplies
  • allocate other equipment to production jobs as needed to complete orders
  • prepare distribution networks once orders are completed.


By analyzing data streaming off machines or across multiple facilities, our manufacturing engineers and data analysts:


  • look for signs of machine failure that enables preventive maintenance and avoidance unplanned downtime on devices
  • analyze trends in data to spot steps in their processes where production slows down or is inefficient in their use of materials
  • use data to run simulations of different processes in an effort to identify the most efficient ways of doing things.


In the future we consider to compliment the IoT-related technologies with:


  • drones
  • blockchain – to provide for a secure, fast and efficient way to record and store data
  • Edge computing – to turn machine-generated data into actionable intelligence and to improve decision-making.

well as boost efficiency and productivity.