Designing complex industrial systems in the field of security printing. Development of projects for the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of enterprises. Project management.


IIG develops complex projects that include technology (selection of equipment and specifications) and the preparation of working documentation and acts as a guarantor of the quality of work and deadlines.


For a preliminary evaluation of the technical condition of buildings and structures intended for carrying out works on the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of enterprises, IIG uses one of the most advanced technologies - laser 3D scanning, which allows you to create an accurate three-dimensional model of the building, measure and check deviations , to monitor the implementation of construction works.


An integral part of the engineering services of the campaign is the supply of equipment. Partnerships with leading manufacturers of security printing equipment from all over the world allow our company to ensure that the equipment is supplied at the highest level.


Project management involves assisting the Customer in selecting contractors and suppliers, distributing tasks and coordination among contractors, resolving controversial issues, and quickly correcting projects in the event of unforeseen changes.


  • Analysis and selection of technological equipment for the needs of the Customer
  • Basic and detailed project development
  • Compliance of design decisions with the Visa / Mastercard protocol for
  • certification of production
  • Quality control during construction
  • Order and supply of equipment
  • Complex of works on the launch of engineering systems
  • Customer Training
  • Technical support for reaching full capacity