ID-document design starts from the customer's approval of technical specifications drawn up by the customer, as well as imposed requirements of location of required elements. You should take into account the levels of document protection such as holographic elements, watermarks, guilloche screens, micro-elements and offset printing performed in UV-glow, MLI, tactile images, engraving and latent elements perforated element, anti-scan screens and other.

At the first stage, there is materials collection and conceptual development of layout for idea approval that based on formative principles of design: theme line, the common parameters of the composite system, modular screens, style decisions and color.
Then comes the drawing of individual objects in vector format including the construction of the principal design elements of ID-document: national symbols, ornaments, branded items, thematic elements and geometrical elements.

Further design work is carried out and the document modeling with splitting up into layers responsible for all security elements.
Integration of graphically-secured and fundamental design elements.

After final customer approval of ID documents layout, vector format layout is transferred to production, where it is converted into micro screens.