Security paper is a type of paper that has one or more anti-counterfeit elements and is used to print valuable forms and papers Produced are differing grades of security paper by complexity of security system and structure of fibers. From 100 %, wood pulp with relatively small level of mechanical strength of paper for excise banderoles to 100 % cotton cellulose for a wide palette of base-paper for highly protected forms of securities with an increased level of mechanical durability and product life. (paper for passports, stocks, checks, etc.)


The security system is formed by such elements:


Watermark, it defines a level of paper protection — from a simple one-tone up to more complicated two-tone or multi-tone one, from the continuous up to local watermarks. Security Thread the polymer threads strengthen security with high-quality text having bright multicolored fluorescence. Broadly extends the security level the use of window thread with various hard forged optic effects. Security Fibers, they are an integral part of the complex of security features. Wide choice of kinds, combinations and ways of introduction of the security fibers.


Chemical Protection, this is a dominating and difficult for counterfeit element of protection. A variety of choice, convenience, bright effect and insignificant cost make popular the property of paper to give qualitative reaction to influence of polarized and non-polarized solvents alkalis, acids and, of course, oxidizers (bleaches). Planchettes, modern iridescent and fluorescent materials favor to effectiveness and productivity of this kind of protection. Continuous or stripe modes of introduction of the planchettes determine an individual approach.


Rational and effective application of the security elements used in the advanced production of banknote paper is possible.