The Integrated Population Registration System is a high-level integrated set of registries sourced from primary government agencies and actualized in real time.


It comprises of a central database (The National Population Register – NPR) containing information of registered citizens and registered foreign nationals residing in country


The project centralizes all registration data with an engine that checks for duplication and generation of a unique PIN per record.




  • establish and maintain a comprehensive central database with the citizens’ data and registered foreigners resident of the country
  • timely registration to help provide individuals with the legal documentation and proof of identity
  • single point of truth of information regarding all residents, providing an all-round 360-degree view of a citizen
  • primary source of citizen information for government agencies (like voting list) and private entities (telecommunication agencies, financial institutions, banks)
  • economy via automation of data collecting, processing and storage in electronic form
  • increase national security, reduce crime, improve safety