Counterfeiting and smuggling of alcohol and tobacco products are the global challenge. The recommendations of WHO, EU, FCTC, SEATCA are that countries should consider reviewing and revising their policies. The World Bank, the WHO, the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive and the IMF see the introduction of anti-counterfeiting measures, such as forgery-proof tax stamps and track & trace sys¬tems, as a must in combatting tobacco smuggling and coun¬terfeiting.


To comply, it is essential to establish a new generation system to help governments to track the supply chain of the tobacco and alcoholic products. Such “Track&Trace” system has been developed by IIG.


Benefits to governments:


  • Profitable financial model – no initial investment is required for delivery of Track&Trace system
  • Comprehensive approach – based on regulatory framework for issuance, circulation and verification of smart control stamps;
  • Ease of use – excise stamps to be applied with existing equipment. Excise stamp authenticity is easily verified, tracked and traced.


System components:


  • Excise stamp with enhanced security features – holographic security element with secure spectral component
  • Hand-held control device – electronic device to validate the hologram spectral component
  • Integrated management information system – comprehensive system for product control throughout the supply chain