National social benefits programs must ensure that the personal data of entitled citizens are captured, stored and controlled securely and the Social Security Card provides all citizens with equal access to healthcare services. That is what IIG Electronic Social Security Card issuance solutions make possible.


Electronic Social Security Card replaces the legacy systems of coupons and cash checks for families that are dependent on government subsidies. The electronic card based system helps to improve the social welfare system by managing the database, automating the providing of social benefits, as well as saving the government funds.


The solution is a modular system that enables biometric and biographic data capture, secure data storage, identity monitoring and biometric verification, as well as the card personalization and post-issuance processes.


Benefits to governments:


  • Economy with targeted provision of benefits
  • Clear benefits classification and integrated registration system to minimize errors
  • Transparency to eliminate corruption
  • Control over using of budget funds
  • Tamper-proof cards proving the right for benefits