Electronic Firearms license (also known as a gun license) is a tamper-evident certificate issued by governments (typically by the police) that allows the licensee to buy, own, possess, and use firearms. The license scope varies according to what firearms and activity it allows the holder to legally do with the firearm. For example, a license may allow the holder to engage in hunting, target shooting, and/or collecting, or permit the owner to own firearms for self-defense, carry a concealed firearm, or operate a business (such as being a gun dealer or a gunsmith). Rifles, shotguns, and handguns may require separate licenses depending on jurisdiction.


Fast automated checking

Electronic Firearms license offers the key information stored on the card in visible and electronical form. Because the electronic license ensures a secure link between police records and gun ownership, a licencee's entitlement to the licence, licensed firearms type and activity scope can be quckly read, verified and registered electronically by the police with a handheld reader.


Our offering

  • card design development
  • manufacture of secure card body with the most advanced security features
  • integration of microprocessors
  • security-certified operating systems
  • card applications
  • mobile application
  • ISO standards and international directives compliance
  • personalization and IT systems