IIG is a trusted security printing provider and adviser to governments, ministries, state agencies in the area of advanced technologies for manufacture of passports and other official ID documents.


With the creation of a new e-Passport, we offer governments the following:


  • implementation of the programs of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO);
  • upgrade of the machine-readable travel documents to a globally interoperable biometric passport
  • multi-layered passport security based on balanced set of features, materials, and techniques for design and manufacture
  • range of secure personalization techniques
  • efficient and reliable identification of citizens along with the security in international travel
  • compliance with the international standards
  • potential for further development of the identification system.


IIG covers the entire value chain for passports, from secure design right through to the personalization:


  • passport design as part of a multi-layered security approach to guarantee maximum security of personal data and attractiveness
  • security printing of paper pages to meet the highest security and quality standards
  • counterfeit-proof and durable data page made of laser-engravable polycarbonate of 45 μm thickness or less, with a range of security features, integrated into a passport booklet
  • integrated optical security features comprise a demetallized semitransparent hologram embedded into a data page
  • laser engraving and perforating technique to apply personal information of owner into a data page in a faster and automated manner
  • contactless chip to ensure a globally interoperable biometric passport.